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Myria is a private marketplace that offers the goods, services, and experiences you can’t Google.

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True success is more than money.

If success is more than money, then what is it and how should we measure it?

Rethink Success

Success is a great network.

Myria connects the dots between different industries and networks.

Our members include:

  • Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Giving Pledge Signatories
  • Forbes Listed Billionaires
  • Heads of State & Royal Family
  • All-Star & Hall of Fame Athletes
  • Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, & Tony Winners
  • Renowned Artists
  • Top 100 Restaurateurs
  • Nobel Laureates
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Success is happiness.

We believe that successful people should be having more fun and enjoying their lives.
We built Myria to help them do just that.

Our Services

Success is a team sport.

Our employees, sellers, and service providers are the best on the planet in their respective fields. We work hard so our members can relax, engage, and enjoy their lives.

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Success is contagious.

Happiness and social responsibility are ideas worth sharing. Help us spread the word!

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