How do we measure success?

Before we could help other people measure their success, we first needed to measure our own. We asked ourselves what kind of company do we want to build and what should success look like at Myria?

We don’t have all the answers. We believe that true success is a pursuit, not a destination. Our North Star is to do the right thing — even when we don’t feel like doing it.

We will measure our success by:

  • the difference we make.
  • the friends we keep.
  • the communities we serve.
  • the people we help.

On behalf of my extraordinary & gifted team at Myria, welcome to our journey to find true success and be a positive influence on the world’s most influential people.

Rethinking success,

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Rey Flemings
Co-Founder & Chief Executive
Myria Services, Inc.

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Our people:

Rey Flemings CEO
Rey Flemings
Liv Tylutki Operations
Liv Tylutki
Jared Lyons Member Relations
Jared Lyons
Member Services
Mehdi Sqalli Engineering
Mehdi Sqalli
Keegan Thompson Engineering
Keegan Thompson

We are growing.

Myria is always looking for top performers in engineering and software development.

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